Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yes.  I have been sucked into the world of late night and early morning infomercials.  And, I'm willing to bet if you are honest, most persons would agree that they have found some interesting stuff watching tv at some odd hour.  Over the years, I have purchased work out videos, a weed eater and several other selections of random goodness from an infomercial that I have seen.  And suprisingly enough, I've had good luck.

My most recent purchase is the Wen hair care products.  This is the hair stuff that is formulated by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean.  Wen is marketed as a cleansing conditional that will work on all hair types without the need of traditional shampoos and conditioners.

I ordered the pack from the infomercial that included:

  • Cleansing Conditioner
  • Hair Repair Conditioner
  • Texturing Balm
  • Styling Creme

So, here is my overall review of this product after a week's trial.  I think that it is a great product overall.  The cleaning cream has a nice smell and makes your head tingle as you leave it on in the shower.  I do think that the number of recommended pumps per section is quite a lot.  My hair is thin and fine.  I use only one pump of the creme per section, and my hair has done just fine.

In addition to the overall cleansing, I think that it takes less time for my hair to dry when using the blow dryer each day.  The round brush that I use to style my hair as I dry it glides through my hair and is much easier to use as opposed to traditional shampoo and conditioner.

Midway through the week, I used the repairing conditioner.  I applied and left it on under a shower cap for about 45-minutes.  I did this while at a hotel this week, so I could sit around and watch tv during this process.

Finally, I have been using the texturing  balm and styling creme.  I do think that if your hair is fine and thin like mine you might want to forgo the texturing balm.  It seems to weigh my hair down a bit even though I only use a little bit.

At the end of the day, its a good product.  I think that my hair feels soft, less dry and frizzy on the ends.  The only thing that I'm not sold on is that I think that my hair seems a little dull.  I'm not sure if this if because maybe I'm not rinsing my hair enough or if it is the product.

If you are looking for something new to try and are curious, its worth the try.  Every hair type is different and responds differently.  However, for someone that colors your hair, this product could be for you.  The conditioning benefits alone are worth it in my opinion.  Take the risk.  You might totally love it.  And, if not, well you've participated in your own little experiment.  I think this is part of the fun in life.

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