Saturday, February 4, 2012

Get your sample on with Birchbox

I'm a sucker for samples.  Little tubes of lotions or lip gloss.  Its one of those things that make me feel like a kid peeking inside of my Christmas stocking!

Last year, I discovered a great little gem  - Birchbox.  This company offers monthly beauty samples delivered to your door.  Each month you'll get a pretty little box with your samples nestled in pink tissue paper.  Its like a gift to yourself each month.

For $10, you receive 4 or five samples of various beauty products.  Some of the past samples that I have gotten over this past year include:  nail polish, lip balm, fragrance samples, eye liner, peels and more.  You know this is peaking your interest just a bit.  Oh, and men, your wife, girlfriend or even a sister would totally love you for gifting this!

Through this service, I've found some products that I've even purchased for myself later.  Last year, they featured Jouer Moisturizing Tint and Attimo fragrance that were two of my favorites last year.  Read more about them in an earlier blog post.  This month the Stila Smudge Stick is going to be a definite purchase!

So, if you are looking to get out of a beauty rut and find something new, Birchbox is the way to go!  Its a great value.  It makes a great gift, and is something fun and unexpected to come home to at the end of a long day!

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