Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wii Zumba 2

Okay.  I know that most people are tired of hearing about New Year's resolutions, loosing those pounds from all of the holiday fun or needing to get back in the gym....Blah, blah, blah!

Yep!  I'm going to talk about it too.  I have two hard and fast rules about the gym and exercise.
  1. Pick something that you like to do for exercise.
  2. Try new things to keep your routine from getting boring!
I think that these two things have helped me to keep a daily exercise routine and to actually like it.  I don't dread going to the gym or working out.  My days are busy, and it is something that gets worked in when it works for me.

Over the holiday's I got Wii Zumba 2.  It comes with the game and an belt that you wear on your hip to use with the remote.  You wear the belt with the remote tucked into the pocket during your work outs.  It measures your movements throughout the workout and monitor calories burned.  

After a couple of weeks, I can honestly say it is a hard but fun workout!  For starters, it burns a lot of calories.  In an hour, you can burn over 600 calories.  That is most definitely worth my time!

You can determine the length of your workouts along with the intensity.  You also have the capability to customize workouts as well.  

If you are just starting out or just want to improve your game, practice your steps through a learning mode that is programed into the game.  Then apply your new skills to practice with a single song on the game.

There are low, medium and high intensity songs/classes.  You can also select for a short, mid or full length classes.

Overall, its a high energy workout that is fun!  Its a great way to do something different inside during the cold winter months.  I like that I can get up and do this work out without having to leave the house.  I can also squeeze in a workout between tasks at home.  It has increased my endurance for running and weights. The benefits are worth the hard work.

And well, since I can be a certified nutter and go just too far, I've now added a Salsa channel to my Pandora line up!  Sure, I'm probably slightly obsessed.  And, I'm driving my husband over the edge in the process.

Zumba has gotten a thumbs up in my book.  If its not your thing, look for something else that you enjoy.  But I do advise the music regardless!  Great for cleaning house and those boring household chores - and it might just motivate you for a work out!  

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